What is a noise-reducing curtain?

NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains are curtains designed to reduce external noise in your house or apartment. They are made from heavy, thick and environmentally friendly materials (Oekotex). They offer better soundproofing and thus help to create a calmer personal or professional environment. NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains are increasingly popular for improving sleep quality and reducing annoying external noises that can harm your concentration and overall well-being. Just click here to discover our French curtains.

Are NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains effective in reducing outside noise?

Yes, NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains are effective in reducing outside noise. The 12dB version is designed in Oekotex technological fabric with a weight of 500gr/m2 and a thickness of 1.5mm, ideal for reducing external noise by 20%. For more protection, you can choose the 20dB version which is made in Oekotex technological fabric with a thicker weight of 930gr/m2 and a thickness of 4mm, which reduces external noise by 40%. The two versions offered by the French brand NOKOMIS are 100% blackout to bring an even calmer atmosphere to your interior.

Can NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains help me reduce my energy consumption?

Yes, NOKOMIS soundproof curtains can help reduce your energy consumption by more effectively insulating your home from the cold in winter and the heat in summer. Our curtain models reduce the passage of cold air by 44% in winter and the passage of hot air by 33% in summer. By preventing
the circulation of cold or hot air, NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains can help maintain a constant temperature in your home. You then consume less energy which helps reduce your electricity bills. Discover without delay our models of noise-reducing curtains on this page.

How can I install noise reduction curtains in my house or apartment?

NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains are renowned for their ease of installation. There are several hanging systems such as rings, hooks or even on a rail or a rod. We provide you with a complete step-by-step installation tutorial to install your NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains yourself. For greater peace of mind, it is also possible to call on our professional installation service. Don't wait any longer and choose your noise-reducing curtains for a peaceful interior. Discover our models available on our online store right here.

Are NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains easy to maintain?

Yes, NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains are easy to maintain. We recommend dry cleaning by a professional (dry cleaning). A
Good maintenance helps preserve the effectiveness of the curtains. You therefore have the assurance of always having optimal insulation and soundproofing performance. Which model do you prefer? Reduce external noise by 20 to 40%? Order your next NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains now.

Can NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains improve the quality of my sleep?

Yes, NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains can improve your sleep quality by reducing outside noise and creating a quieter, darker atmosphere. This can help you fall asleep faster and get more restful sleep. Indeed, external noises can disrupt sleep, but NOKOMIS noise-reducing curtains reduce these noises to allow you to sleep better. Depending on where you live, you have the choice between our two curtains capable of reducing external noise by 20 to 40%. More details on our online store.


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