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How to choose the best thermal curtains for your interior?

Do you want to improve the comfort and insulation of your interior, while saving on your heating bill? Are you looking for a simple, practical and aesthetic solution to protect your windows and doors from cold and heat? Then thermal curtains are made for you!

Effective thermal curtain

Thermal curtains are curtains specially designed to regulate the temperature in your home. They work by trapping air in the fabric of the curtains, which helps keep the heat in in the winter, and blocks the sun's rays in the summer. They offer you optimal thermal comfort, while reducing your energy consumption.

But how to choose the best thermal curtains for your interior? What are the criteria to take into account? What brands should you prefer? We give you all our advice in this article.

efficient thermal curtain

The criteria for choosing a thermal curtain

To choose your thermal curtain correctly, you must take several elements into account:

  • The material: there are different types of fabric for thermal curtains, such as polyester, cotton, fleece or velvet. The most important thing is that the fabric is thick and heavy, to ensure good insulation. Some thermal curtains also have a metallic lining, made of polyester and aluminum, which reflects infrared rays emitted by heating or the sun.
  • Dimensions: the thermal curtain must cover the entire surface of the window or door, without leaving any space through which air could escape. It is therefore recommended to choose a thermal curtain that is wider and longer than the window or door. You can also opt for a tailor-made thermal curtain, if you have particular dimensions.
  • Occultation: this is the degree of darkness provided by the thermal curtain. The more blackout the curtain, the more it blocks daylight and creates an intimate atmosphere. This is an important criterion if you want to install a thermal curtain in your bedroom, for example. Occultation is measured as a percentage, ranging from 0% (transparent) to 100% (opaque).
  • Aesthetics: we must not neglect the visual aspect of the thermal curtain, which must integrate harmoniously into your interior decoration. Fortunately, there are thermal curtains in all colors, plain or patterned, with different styles and finishes. You can therefore choose the thermal curtain that matches your tastes and your atmosphere.

The best brands of thermal curtains

Among the many brands that offer thermal curtains on the market, we have selected two brands that stand out for the quality and effectiveness of their products:

  • Nokomis ( this is the brand that we recommend first, because it offers excellent value for money. Nokomis thermal curtains are 3-in-1 curtains; phonic, thermal and blackout. They are made with a patented multi-layer nanofiber. They are available in several colors and sizes, and are easy to install and maintain. They are ideal for individuals looking for a simple and effective solution to insulate their interior.
  • Cotton Silence ( it is a high-end brand, which offers tailor-made thermal curtains, suitable for all types of windows and doors. Cotton Silence thermal curtains are made with a cotton core, and also an advanced technical multi-layer. They are thick and very blackout, and offer exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. They are also very elegant and refined. They are perfect for people who are looking for a high quality, personalized and durable product.

Thermal curtain

The site for professionals

If you are a professional, whether a hotelier, restaurateur, merchant or entrepreneur, you can also benefit from the advantages of thermal curtains for your establishment. In fact, thermal curtains allow you to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for your customers and employees, while reducing your energy costs.

To do this, we advise you to visit the site, which is the professional version of the site There you will find complete and tailor-made solutions to equip your windows and doors with high-quality thermal curtains. You will be able to choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns and dimensions, and benefit from personalized service and rigorous monitoring.


Thermal curtains are essential accessories for improving the insulation of your interior, whether at home or in your workplace. They allow you to gain thermal comfort and energy savings, while bringing a decorative touch to your space.

To choose the best thermal curtains, you must take into account the material, size, blackout and aesthetics of the product. We recommend the Nokomis and Cotton Silence brands, which offer quality thermal curtains, suitable for all needs and budgets.

And if you are a professional, don't forget to visit the website, which offers you the most complete solution for equipping your establishment with tailor-made thermal curtains.

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have found the thermal curtain that suits you. Please feel free to leave us your comments or questions below. See you soon !

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