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Reducing outside noise: guide to effectively soundproofing your windows

By reducing external noise pollution, soundproofing windows helps improve acoustic comfort in a home. It creates a peaceful indoor environment and guarantees the well-being of the occupants. Effective soundproofing relies on several elements such as the use of sound absorbing materials, sealing window joints and installing double glazing and curtains. So how do you soundproof a window according to the rules of the art?

Choosing the right type of glass

Before undertaking soundproofing work, start by choosing the right type of glass for your window.

The different types of windows and their effectiveness in soundproofing

There are several types of windows:

  • single glazing : having a decorative function, single glazing has average thermal and acoustic performance. Combine it with an acoustic curtain for effective sound insulation;
  • double glazing : it consists of two panes of glass separated by a thickness of air and can create a barrier against external noise;
  • triple glazing : it is made up of three glass panels separated by two air spaces. Its acoustic performance clearly exceeds that of double glazing;
  • sound glazing : it can reduce noise pollution up to 4 times more than simple glazing and combat sound transmission;
  • tempered glass : it has undergone specific treatment to increase its strength. The thicker it is, the more interesting its acoustic performance;
  • laminated glass : having an intermediate layer, it can absorb sound vibrations.

Advice for choosing the type of glazing suited to your environment and needs

To choose the type of glazing suited to your needs and your environment, first consider the level of exterior noise . If you live on a particularly noisy street, double or triple glazing is a good choice. This solution will allow you to restore calm inside your home. In the event of frequent noise, laminated glass is particularly effective. However, it is especially recommended if the sound insulation problems are not significant. Otherwise, tempered glass is more suitable.

In any case, if you want to know how to soundproof a window, it is best to consult a professional . He will carry out a precise diagnosis of your needs and offer you suitable solutions such as thermal and sound curtains .

Improve window sealing

Techniques for strengthening waterproofing

Discover several techniques that allow you to strengthen the sealing of patio doors and windows.

Application of seals

Seals can be applied around a window frame to fill cracks and limit air infiltration. Seals can be foam, rubber or silicone.

Acoustic caulking

It consists of insulating the gaps between the window frame and the wall using insulating materials such as expanding foam. Caulking can also improve thermal insulation.

Applying heat shrink film

To create an additional barrier against air infiltration and heat loss, it is possible to apply heat shrink film to the window.

Installation of sealing tubes

To block drafts around French doors, it is recommended to install self-adhesive sealing strips around the frames.

Step-by-step instructions for applying these techniques

For quality soundproofing, it is important to perform these techniques correctly. Here are the steps to follow for each of them.


Start by cleaning the area around the window, then wait for it to dry. Next, choose a seal appropriate for the type of window and the size of the cracks to be filled. Then, glue the joint along the perimeter of the frame, fixing it evenly and continuously. Then press along the entire length to ensure good adhesion. Finally, test the window closure to check if the seal is not obstructing its mechanism.

Acoustic caulking

First, locate areas that may allow noise to pass through such as cracks, joints and gaps around the frame. Next, clean the window so that the soundproofing materials adhere perfectly. You can use sound-absorbing adhesive strips for this technique. Apply them along the frame to seal gaps. Next, place acoustic seals around the perimeter of the window, pressing them firmly. Finally, to absorb sound vibrations, insert sound insulators into the empty spaces of the frame.

Heat shrink film

To begin, clean the glass to remove residue and dirt. Then, cut the film to the right size, making sure to leave an excess of a few centimeters on each side. Then, spray the interior surface of the glass with soapy water to make application easier. After that, stick the film, taking care to fit it well, and smooth it with a squeegee to remove air bubbles. Then remove the excess and heat the film with a hairdryer. This will eliminate wrinkles.

Sealing rings

How to insulate windows with sealing strips? To do this, you must first clean the area around the window. Then measure and cut the sausages to the desired length and place them along the edge of the frame. Press them firmly to ensure better adhesion.

Use sound-absorbing curtains and blinds

The question arises: how to soundproof a window? For better sound comfort, install sound-absorbing curtains and blinds.

Curtain and blind options designed for soundproofing

Several models of curtains and blinds have been specially designed for soundproofing:

  • acoustic curtains : they incorporate acoustic materials such as foam to limit sound reverberations;
  • thick curtains : made from dense fabrics, they form a barrier against noise pollution;
  • curtains with thermal lining : they reinforce both sound and thermal insulation;
  • blackout curtains : although they are mainly used to block light, they also have a positive effect on soundproofing;
  • cellular blinds : their honeycomb structure allows them to attenuate noise;
  • Dense fabric blinds : thanks to their thickness, they can counteract some of the unwanted sounds.

Advice on material selection and proper installation to maximize efficiency

To maximize the effectiveness of the sound curtain, the choice of materials is essential. Choose velvet, heavy cotton and polyester for best results. The denser the fabric, the more effective it is. Furthermore, when installing , opt for solid rods, because insulated curtains are quite heavy. Then, place them so that they cover the entire window. They must reach the ground and touch the edge of it. The sides of the curtains should also meet the walls to prevent sounds from leaking inside.

Nokomis products for soundproofing your home

Ultimately, how do you soundproof a window? Opt for our high-performance insulation solutions.

The Nokomis product range

We offer a wide range of products specially designed for soundproofing and improving acoustic comfort. We can cite the acoustic curtain, the “ performance ” curtain, the “ comfort ” curtain, the acoustic panels and the double curtain tiebacks. Our accessories are available in several materials, dimensions and colors.

The particularities of Nokomis products

Of incomparable quality, our products are made with carefully selected high-end materials . Their design can adapt to different interior styles. In addition, they demonstrate incomparable effectiveness against external noise and noise pollution. Our acoustic curtains are customizable according to your needs. They will significantly improve your daily acoustic comfort.

Invest in soundproofing

To improve your family's quality of life, invest in soundproofing. This will allow you to reduce noise to safer levels and preserve your health. In addition, soundproofing helps to make an environment calmer and more conducive to relaxation. It will safeguard your privacy, because your conversations will no longer be audible outside.

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